Definition of the Words

Here is the vocabulary list for the novel.

  • disinfectant (n.) — an agent that destroys or inhibits the activity of microorganisms that cause disease
  • succumbed (v.) — to give way to the overwhelming force or disease
  • philanderer (n.) — man to make love with a not married woman
  • dull (adj.) — not sharp or uninteresting
  • disgrace (n.) — the lost of respect, honor, or esteem
  • genuine (adj.) — processing the claimed or attributed character, quality, or origin
  • knowledge (n.) — acquaintance with facts, truths, or principles, as from study or investigation
  • bother (vt.) — to give trouble to or to bewilder
  • determine (vt.) — to settle or decide by an authoritative or conclusive decision
  • mumble (vt.) — to speak in a low indistinct manner, almost to an unintelligible extent
  • mustached (n.) — the hair growing on the upper lip, beard
  • exertion (n.) — vigorous action or effect
  • embarrassing (adj.) — to cause confusion and shame
  • giggle (n.) — a silly, spasmodic laugh
  • heap of grief (phrase) — having mental suffering (many)
  • preferably (adj.) — more desirably
  • hosiery (n.) — stockings or socks of any kind
  • case (n.) — an instance of the occurrence, existence of something
  • odd (adj.) — differing in nature from what is ordinary
  • stranger (n.) — a person with whom one has had no personal acquaintance
  • whisky (n.) — an alcoholic liquor, a type of wine
  • clipped (n.) — to attach something by using clips
  • reckon (v.) — to esteem or consider, regard as
  • hazard (n.) — unavoidable danger or risk, even though often foreseeable
  • definitely (adv.) — in a clear and unambiguous manner
  • nick (n.) — a small notch or groove cut into something
  • habit (n.) — a behaviour followed regularly
  • muddy (adj.) — abounding in or covered in  mud
  • duvet (n.) — a usually down-filled quilt, often with a removable cover; comforter
  • succeeded (v.) — to happen or terminate according to desire, turn out successful
  • smirk (v.) — to smile in an affected, smug, or offensively way
  • prejudice (n.) — an unfavorable opinion or feeling formed beforehand or without knowledge
  • emaciated (v.) — to make abnormally lean or thin by a gradual wasting away of flesh
  • odors (n.) — a sensation perceived by the sense of smell
  • preferable (adj.) — more desirable
  • revamped (v.) — to renovate or redo
  • privacy (n.) — the state of being free from intrusion
  • approaching (v.) — to come near or nearer to
  • groaning (n.) — a mournful sound, usually in pain
  • grace (n.) — elegance or beauty of form
  • shrugged (v.) — to raise and contrast the shoulders, show disdain
  • profanity (n.) — the quality of being irreverence towards things
  • inferior (adj.) — lower in grade and rank
  • distraction (n.) — the act of drawing away the mind or attentions

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