Background information (immigrants)

In general, there are three different types of immigrants

First generation immigrants

  • they immigrated (feel home where they were born)
  • they only came to Britain to earn good money; to get good jobs; for economic reasons
  • they live in special/separated parts of the town
  • they want to get a more exciting life for themselves
  • they don’t want to adopt to the British culture
  • they dream of freedom
  • they identify with their home culture, traditions, customs
  • they came to the UK in the 1960s, often encouraged by the British government to meet the demand for unskilled workers ->they came there to work
  • they want their children to live like them, the parents

In the novel, Manny’s father and mother are considered as first generation immigrants


Second generation immigrants

  • they fear their children becoming too British
  •  they want to be British
  • their aim is to go back home!
  • they experience problems knowing their true identity
  • sometimes they are not fully accepted
  • they are inspired by western culture
  • their friends are not necessarily of the same ethnicity
  • they do not feel confident about their identity; neither British nor Indian
  • it is difficult to become committed citizens without forgetting their past
  • they have better a chance on the job market
  • they try to fit into British culture –a new confidence

In the novel, Ranjit and Harry (Manny’s brothers) are considered as second generation immigrants


Third generation immigrants

  • they like the British people
  • they have become absorbed into British culture-> identification
  • they have no connection to their home country
  • they melt entirely into society
  • they are the most successful in integrating

In the novel, Manny is considered as third generation immigrants, (although he was also the son of first generation immigrants, his personality and ways of thinking is different than his brothers)


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