Major Conflicts in the Novel

The central conflict in the novel is the arranged marriage. Manny’s parents arranged a marriage for Manny when he is seventeen. However, Manny dislike the fact that he needs to have a family this young and he wants to live his own life. At the end, he plays a cheat and takes revenge on his family on the wedding day, escaping with Ady to celebrate his seventeenth birthday. After that, Manny breaks free from all the limitations, yet he also loses his entire family.


1. Cultural Clashes

Everyone lives their own culture, which might or might not be the same as people who live around us. The different cultures might clash to each other and cause confusion, disagreement, or even argument. Some of these clashes are as strong as a deconstruction force toward any relationship between two human beings.

2. Teenager rebellions

It is normal that most people will rebel against their parents when they are a teenager. However, to what degree shall teenagers go against their parents’ will, is the question. Since teens are usually too immature to look after themselves, most of the people argues that teens should still listen to parents. That leads a hard decision for the teens to decide, either to listen to their parents, or the listen to the voice in their minds or in their hearts.

3. Traditional versus Modern

The environment we lived in today, is a fast pace changing society. However, that does not suggest human beings to throw away their traditions. On the other side, if a person holds tightly on his or her traditions, he or she might not be able to accept the modern views and might not “catch up” with the changes in society. Therefore, to find a balance between being too modern or too traditional is essential to every human being.


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