Relationships (Manny and other characters)

Ady is Manny’s best friend, they laugh together, skive together, and even shoplift together. He is the one that Manny always trust and Ady helps Manny to take the revenge on his family, to escape on the wedding day. He is also Manny’s mental support when he is sad because of things happened in his family.

Lisa is Manny’s first girl friend, who always comfort him when he thinks about the troubles that he got at home. However, they did not see each other for more than 9 months, which ends up as they cannot be together. Regardless of the said ending, Lisa is a mental support to Manny when he is down.

Manny’s father is a tyrant in the house, who always beats Manny and shouts at Manny. Manny does not like him, since he just beats Manny randomly, especially when he is drunk. His father plans about leaving himself alone in India and thinking he will be one of the Jats like him, which makes Manny start to hate him.

Ranjit is Manny’s eldest brother. Although he is described as a copy of his father, he sometimes really cares Manny, such as hugging him when Manny is crying after being caught by police due to shoplifting. Ranjit sometimes also protects Manny from Harry’s teasing and shouting. However, Manny still dislike him, because of the way he thinks about family name and honor. His wife, Jas, is really nice and the only one who cares about Manny after he is being expelled. Manny likes his sister-in-law.

Harry is Manny’s second brother, who always bullies Manny. Manny hates him since he is rude, arrogant, and ignorant. More than these, Harry is also a racist, who dislike the fact that Manny hangout with Blacks.

Manny’s mother never talks to Manny besides asking him what to eat and acting her “melodrama” when it comes to talking about arrange marriage. Manny does not have any strong relationship with his mother.



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