Protagonist Profile

Protagonist: Manny

Age: Thirteen to Seventeen (Manny grows within the novel)

Home: according to himself, Leicester is his home. According to his father, India is his home.

Likes: playing with Ady, hang out with Lisa, talking to Uncle Jag and Mohan when he was in India, doing things in his way, and living a life for himself

Dislikes: the way being treated by family members (namely his father and older brothers), the fact that he must marry to a person that he never know, and his father’s attitude towards his best friend, Ady, all the traditions that his family kept.

Hobbies: football and smoking (especially during the time he was in India), maybe thinking as well.

Favourite pastime: the time that he spend with Ady, the time he stayed with Lisa, the time he talked to Lisa’s parents

Attitude towards school and teachers: He values education at the beginning of the book as he is one of the top students in his grade. However, after being told about the arranged marriage, he stops to pay attention to the teachers and homework as a cheat to get rid of the arranged marriage. During the time in India that he spent with Uncle Jag, he start to value education again and once he break through the chain of his family, he go for night schools for education.

Attitude towards work: No specific attitude (such as devoted) is revealed in the novel. His job at the local supermarket is simply a place to go to avoid his family members and a place to hang out with Ady after coming back from India. However, after he break through the chains, he works in order to save money for living his own life.


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